Slackwarearm-14.1 ChangeLog (2013-04-11)

Thu Apr 11 19:44:16 UTC 2013

A note about the Kernel updates:

The '/boot/dtb' (Device Tree Blob) directory is now a symlink to
/boot/dtb-<kernel version>
This is the approach Fedora have taken and it also makes sense in Slackware ARM
since everything else in /boot is versioned. This way you can easily retain a
previous complete versioned set of initrd, {z,u}Image and dtb files when you
upgrade to a newer kernel release package. If your /boot directory is on a file
system that supports symlinks, you can upgradepkg to these kernels without having
to make any amendments to your device's U-Boot configuration.

Updated section 0.0 ('U-Boot Firmware Upgrade') to explain how to upgrade
to the latest available U-Boot release for the 'TrimSlice' device.

If you're running the previous U-Boot release that only presents 512MB RAM to
your OS, you may now upgrade to the latest available U-Boot release and use
the full 1GB RAM.
Follow section 0.0, then section 5.0 ('Booting the Slackware ARM OS').
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