Slackware64-current ChangeLog (2021-08-30)

Mon Aug 30 18:22:08 UTC 2021

  • a/etc-15.0-x86_64-15.txz
    /etc/profile: Don't define a $LESS variable, but provide a commented-out
    example of “-M -R”. As far as I can tell, setting $LESS to -M is something
    that we picked up from SLS's /etc/profile at the very beginning and then
    kept it because it wasn't causing any problems. Personally, I'll be
    uncommenting this because it's nice to get the extra output from less
    provided by -M concerning your place in the file, but we'll leave it up
    to the end user how to handle this.
    Thanks to krown, marav, LockyWolf, and drgibbon.
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