Slackwarearm-14.2 ChangeLog (2021-01-17)

Sun Jan 17 08:08:08 UTC 2021

Do you want to see behind the scenes of Slackware ARM and see what it takes to
put this all together? Want to follow the progress of the Slackware-AArch64
port? Then check out our new YouTube channel:

and (I can't believe I'm writing this in the ChangeLog!)
“Remember to Like & Subscribe, guys!”

We've recorded five episodes already and will be uploading them within the next
couple of weeks, so subscribe to the channel to be notified when they're live
(probably within a couple of weeks from now).

[email protected] (Stuart Winter)
  • patches/packages/wavpack-5.4.0-arm-1_slack14.2.txz
    WavPack 5.4.0 fixes an issue where a specially crafted WAV file could cause
    the wavpack command-line program to crash with an out-of-bounds write.
    For more information, see:
    (* Security fix *)
  • patches/packages/xscreensaver-5.45-arm-1_slack14.2.txz
    Here's an upgrade to the latest xscreensaver.
    Thanks to drumz for the compile fix.
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