Slackware-current ChangeLog (2019-01-23)

Wed Jan 23 22:02:34 UTC 2019

  • a/bash-5.0.002-i586-2.txz
    Rebuilt with –libdir=/usr/lib${LIBDIRSUFFIX}. Thanks to RandomTroll.
  • a/mkinitrd-1.4.11-i586-9.txz
    Automatically generate an initial ramdisk from the installer.
    Added 'geninitrd' script to generate an initial ramdisk for the kernel that
    /boot/vmlinuz-generic (and/or /boot/vmlinuz-generic-smp) points to.
  • ap/man-db-2.8.5-i586-2.txz
    Comment out all the options in /etc/profile.d/man-db.{csh,sh} and let the
    user decide whether or not to choose anything.

Wed Jan 23 04:39:04 UTC 2019

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