Slackwarearm-current ChangeLog (2018-10-12)

Fri Oct 12 08:08:08 UTC 2018

  • a/kernel-firmware-20181008_c6b6265-noarch-1.txz
  • d/git-2.19.1-arm-1.txz
    Submodules' “URL“s come from the untrusted .gitmodules file, but we
    blindly gave it to “git clone” to clone submodules when “git clone
    –recurse-submodules” was used to clone a project that has such a
    submodule. The code has been hardened to reject such malformed URLs
    (e.g. one that begins with a dash). Credit for finding and fixing this
    vulnerability goes to joernchen and Jeff King, respectively.
    For more information, see:
    (* Security fix *)
  • d/subversion-1.10.3-arm-1.txz
  • l/librsvg-2.44.7-arm-1.txz
  • l/python-pillow-5.3.0-arm-1.txz
  • n/nghttp2-1.34.0-arm-1.txz
  • x/libSM-1.2.3-arm-1.txz
  • x/libX11-1.6.7-arm-1.txz
  • x/libdrm-2.4.95-arm-1.txz
  • x/libxcb-1.13.1-arm-1.txz
  • x/vulkan-sdk-
    Thanks to dugan.
  • xap/gnuplot-5.2.5-arm-1.txz
  • d/make-4.2.1-arm-4.txz
    Use a non-blocking read with pselect to avoid hangs.
    Thanks to Linux.tar.gz and David Spencer.
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