Slackwarearm-current ChangeLog (2018-06-10)

Sun Jun 10 08:08:08 UTC 2018

installdocs/INSTALL_Tegra20.TXT: Updated.
Updated post OS install tweaks. Suggest disabling NetworkManager if the DHCP
lease acquisition period is too great. The Slackware 15.0 installer sets
NetworkManager as the default, so this may be an issue for some people who
have NFS mounts that are required as part of boot.
  • installdocs/INSTALL_QEMU.TXT
    Slackware ARM no longer supports QEMU, as nobody has stepped forward to own it,
    and the author of the Slackware ARM project has no need for it. The Linux
    kernel package will continue to provide the hardware support, but the QEMU
    supporting scripts and documentation have been moved out of the tree:
    If you want to step up, please find the thread on the 'Slackware ARM' board on
  • a/bash-
  • a/kernel-firmware-20180604_1fa9ce3-noarch-1.txz
  • ap/vim-8.1.0039-arm-1.txz
  • ap/cups-2.2.8-arm-1.txz
    Applied upstream patch to fix high CPU usage in some situations.
  • ap/sqlite-3.24.0-arm-1.txz
  • d/rust-1.26.2-arm-1.txz
  • ap/vim-8.1.0039-arm-1.txz
  • d/rust-1.26.2-arm-1.txz
  • l/elfutils-0.171-arm-1.txz
  • l/harfbuzz-1.7.7-arm-1.txz
  • l/mozilla-nss-3.37.3-arm-1.txz
  • l/readline-7.0.005-arm-1.txz
  • n/gnupg2-2.2.8-arm-1.txz
    Sanitize the diagnostic output of the original file name in verbose mode.
    By using a made up file name in the message it was possible to fake status
    messages. Using this technique it was for example possible to fake the
    verification status of a signed mail.
    For more information, see:
    (* Security fix *)
  • x/libinput-1.11.0-arm-1.txz
  • x/wqy-zenhei-font-ttf-0.8.38_1-noarch-1.txz
  • xap/mozilla-firefox-60.0.2-arm-1.txz
    This release contains security fixes and improvements.
    For more information, see:
    (* Security fix *)
  • xap/vim-gvim-8.1.0039-arm-1.txz
  • a/glibc-solibs-2.27-arm-3.txz
  • a/pkgtools-15.0-noarch-10.txz
    upgradepkg: clean up –help output and add options
    upgradepkg: accept -help option (not just –help)
    upgradepkg: don't omit error messages in –terse mode
    upgradepkg: only print missing new package in old%new mode
    upgradepkg.8: move information about config file handling from BUGS to the
    DESCRIPTION section
    Thanks to Xsane.
  • ap/ghostscript-fonts-std-8.11-noarch-3.txz
    Rebuilt this and many other font packages or packages with build scripts
    that call mkfontdir or mkfontscale to suppress any error messages caused
    by collisions if another package installation is writing files to the
    same font directories when those utilities are run. In that case, the
    other package will also be running mkfontdir/mkfontscale after the files
    are installed, so any issues will be cleaned up then. Last one out turn
    off the lights, so to speak.
  • ap/terminus-font-4.40-noarch-3.txz
  • l/glibc-2.27-arm-3.txz
    When installing the package, remove old versions of the glibc shared
    libraries. In addition to eliminating residue on the system from old
    package versions, this change will make it possible in the future to
    revert to older glibc packages using upgradepkg.
  • l/glibc-i18n-2.27-arm-3.txz
  • l/glibc-profile-2.27-arm-3.txz
  • x/dejavu-fonts-ttf-2.37-noarch-4.txz
  • x/font-adobe-100dpi-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-adobe-75dpi-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-adobe-utopia-100dpi-1.0.4-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-adobe-utopia-75dpi-1.0.4-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-adobe-utopia-type1-1.0.4-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-arabic-misc-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-bh-100dpi-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-bh-75dpi-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-bh-ttf-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-bh-type1-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-bitstream-100dpi-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-bitstream-75dpi-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-bitstream-speedo-1.0.2-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-bitstream-type1-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-cronyx-cyrillic-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-cursor-misc-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-daewoo-misc-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-dec-misc-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-ibm-type1-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-isas-misc-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-jis-misc-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-micro-misc-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-misc-cyrillic-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-misc-ethiopic-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-misc-meltho-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-misc-misc-1.1.2-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-mutt-misc-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-schumacher-misc-1.1.2-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-screen-cyrillic-1.0.4-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-sony-misc-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-sun-misc-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-winitzki-cyrillic-1.0.3-arm-3.txz
  • x/font-xfree86-type1-1.0.4-arm-3.txz
  • x/liberation-fonts-ttf-2.00.1-noarch-3.txz
  • x/sazanami-fonts-ttf-20040629-noarch-3.txz
  • x/sinhala_lklug-font-ttf-20060929-noarch-3.txz
  • x/tibmachuni-font-ttf-1.901b-noarch-3.txz
  • x/ttf-indic-fonts-0.5.14-arm-3.txz
  • x/ttf-tlwg-0.6.4-arm-3.txz
  • x/urw-core35-fonts-otf-20170801_91edd6e_git-noarch-2.txz
  • xap/x3270-3.3.12ga7-arm-4.txz
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