Slackwarearm-current ChangeLog (2017-08-16)

Wed Aug 16 08:08:08 UTC 2017

  • ap/cups-2.2.4-arm-2.txz
    Don't return an empty printer list when there is no default printer.
    Thanks to Jurgen Van Ham.
  • x/xorg-server-1.19.3-arm-2.txz
    This update fixes two security issues:
    A user authenticated to an X Session could crash or execute code in the
    context of the X Server by exploiting a stack overflow in the endianness
    conversion of X Events.
    Uninitialized data in endianness conversion in the XEvent handling of the
    X.Org X Server allowed authenticated malicious users to access potentially
    privileged data from the X server.
    For more information, see:
    (* Security fix *)
  • x/xorg-server-xephyr-1.19.3-arm-2.txz
  • x/xorg-server-xnest-1.19.3-arm-2.txz
  • x/xorg-server-xvfb-1.19.3-arm-2.txz
  • l/poppler-data-0.4.8-noarch-1.txz
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