Slackware-current ChangeLog (2016-06-22)

Wed Jun 22 21:56:53 UTC 2016

  • l/pulseaudio-9.0-i586-1.txz
    This release fixes many bugs, including this one that was commonly reported
    during the Slackware 14.2 development cycle:
    “Automatic routing improvements:
    In 8.0, PulseAudio started to automatically switch to another profile when
    the device associated with the current profile is unplugged. That seemingly
    smart thing had some serious unintended consequences. One typical issue was
    that when unplugging headphones, PulseAudio might switch to S/PDIF output
    and not switch back to headphones when they are plugged in again. Another
    issue was that HDMI in many cases appears to get temporarily unplugged when
    the monitor goes to sleep mode, or even when switching the refresh rate of
    the monitor – PulseAudio 8.0 would move audio away from the HDMI monitor in
    these cases and not move the audio back to HDMI when the monitor becomes
    available again. These issues are now fixed.”
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