Slackware-14.2 ChangeLog (2016-02-08)

Mon Feb 8 22:08:35 UTC 2016

  • a/mkinitrd-1.4.8-i486-5.txz
    Blacklisted rules.d/60-openobex.rules to prevent error messages at boot.
    Thanks to Eric Hameleers.
  • ap/ghostscript-9.07-i586-3.txz
    Reverted back to ghostscript-9.07, since any newer version causes the GIMP
    ps plugin to crash when attempting to import a .ps or .eps file. Whatever
    is causing the problem happened between gs-9.07 and gs-9.09, and is probably
    also dependent on the libraries in use and perhaps the compiler, since some
    other distributions appear to be using the latest ghostscript without issues.
    If anyone can figure it out, hints are welcome. Meanwhile this gets
    everything working again.
  • d/gcc-5.3.0-i586-2.txz
    Patched to fix internal compiler error building Wine.
    Thanks to Kirill Smirnov.
  • d/gcc-g++-5.3.0-i586-2.txz
  • d/gcc-gfortran-5.3.0-i586-2.txz
  • d/gcc-gnat-5.3.0-i586-2.txz
  • d/gcc-go-5.3.0-i586-2.txz
  • d/gcc-java-5.3.0-i586-2.txz
  • d/gcc-objc-5.3.0-i586-2.txz
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