Slackware-current ChangeLog (2015-11-20)

Fri Nov 20 21:52:15 UTC 2015

Fri Nov 20 05:25:18 UTC 2015

We've made the switch from udev to eudev, and everything seems to be working
perfectly. Big thanks to the eudev team for helping us bring Slackware's
udev up to date! Make sure you remove the old udev and install both of the
new packages (eudev and libgudev), and then the changeover to eudev should
go as smooth as silk. Really, the icu4c upgrade seemed more disruptive. :)
A reboot after this is probably better than “/etc/rc.d/rc.udev force-restart”,
but that worked fine here, too. It would also be a good idea to regenerate
the initrd so that it uses eudev, but once again things worked fine here
either way. Have fun!
  • a/eudev-3.1.5-i586-3.txz
    This replaces the udev package.
    rc.udev: Fix mounting /dev/shm.
    rc.udev: Remove devtmpfs check.
    rc.udev: Remove persistent CD rules support.
    udev.conf: Remove obsolete udev_root setting.
    Patch 60-cdrom_id.rules to create alternate device names.
    Move system installed hwdb files under /lib.
    Remove obsolete udev_root references from the manpages, and install them.
    Thanks to Robby Workman.
  • a/libgudev-230-i586-1.txz
    This library is required to use eudev.
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