Slackwarearm-current ChangeLog (2015-01-26)

Mon Jan 26 19:07:45 UTC 2015

  • a/patch-2.7.2-arm-1.txz
  • d/gcc-4.8.4-arm-1.txz
  • d/gcc-g++-4.8.4-arm-1.txz
  • d/gcc-gfortran-4.8.4-arm-1.txz
  • d/gcc-gnat-4.8.4-arm-1.txz
  • d/gcc-go-4.8.4-arm-1.txz
  • d/gcc-java-4.8.4-arm-1.txz
  • d/gcc-objc-4.8.4-arm-1.txz
  • d/gdb-7.8.2-arm-1.txz
  • d/libtool-2.4.4-arm-1.txz
  • l/freetype-2.5.5-arm-1.txz
    This release fixes a security bug that could cause freetype to crash
    or run programs upon opening a specially crafted file.
    For more information, see:
    (* Security fix *)
  • n/alpine-2.20-arm-1.txz
  • n/imapd-2.20-arm-1.tgz
  • n/samba-4.1.16-arm-1.txz
    This update is a security release in order to address CVE-2014-8143
    (Elevation of privilege to Active Directory Domain Controller).
    Samba's AD DC allows the administrator to delegate creation of user or
    computer accounts to specific users or groups. However, all released
    versions of Samba's AD DC did not implement the additional required
    check on the UF_SERVER_TRUST_ACCOUNT bit in the userAccountControl
    attributes. Most Samba deployments are not of the AD Domain Controller,
    but are of the classic domain controller, the file server or print server.
    Only the Active Directory Domain Controller is affected by this issue.
    Additionally, most sites running the AD Domain Controller do not configure
    delegation for the creation of user or computer accounts, and so are not
    vulnerable to this issue, as no writes are permitted to the
    userAccountControl attribute, no matter what the value.
    For more information, see:
    (* Security fix *)
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