Slackware-13.0 ChangeLog (2008-07-23)

Wed Jul 23 16:39:43 CDT 2008

Upgraded to dnsmasq-2.45.
It was discovered that earlier versions of dnsmasq have DNS cache
weaknesses that are similar to the ones recently discovered in BIND.
This new release minimizes the risk of cache poisoning.
For more information, see:
(* Security fix *)
  • testing/packages/jdk-6u10_beta-i586-1.tgz
    Edition Runtime Environment Version 6.0 update 10 beta. Evidently the
    version 6.0 update 7 (stable) packages did not fix the CUPS printing issue,
    but these beta packages should (but remember, they are BETA releases).
  • testing/packages/jre-6u10_beta-i586-1.tgz
    Edition Development Kit Version 6.0 update 10 beta.
    Both of these Java(TM) packages are suitable for use on Slackware 12.1 and
    probably on earlier releases as well.
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