AR System Message Catalog

This wiki pages contains all the notes, warnings, and error messages in numerical order for the client, server, and mid tier components of AR System.

Type in the search form the number (eg. 10000) or full/partial text of message.

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Filtered by product=BMC Remedy Administrator client & type=Warning

2534ARWARN [2534] The layering of some fields in this view was not valid. The problem has now been corrected, and the changes will take effect when you save the form.Warning
2535ARWARN [2535] Copy and Paste of join fields is not supported; the selected join fields will not be copied.Warning
2536ARWARN [2536] There are no toolbar items on any of the menu items.Warning
2537ARWARN [2537] At least one trim, button, or menu item field will be deleted because you are deleting its only view.Warning
2538ARWARN [2538] Active link activeLinkName is already used by buttonName. It can not be added to buttonName.Warning
2539ARWARN [2539] You have specified an ID within the reserved range. Do you want to save this field anyway?Warning
2540ARWARN [2540] None of the requested field deletions occurred on the server. Please close and reopen the form after the save operation has completed.Warning
2541ARWARN [2541] This form contains a non-standard set of Distributed Fields. Select none, basic, full, or advanced to return to a standard set of fields.Warning
2542ARWARN [2542] Distributed Fields will be deleted. Are you sure you want to have numberOfFields Distributed Fields instead of numberOfFields?Warning
2543ARWARN [2543] This form contains a Distributed Field of the wrong data type. To delete Distributed Fields, select None in the Distributed Fields dialog, and press OK.Warning
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