AR System Message Catalog

This wiki pages contains all the notes, warnings, and error messages in numerical order for the client, server, and mid tier components of AR System.

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Number MessageType
68ARWARN [68] RPC environment variable is out of legal range (390600, 390603, 390619 - 390669, 390680 - 390694). NOTE: The value 390603 and the range 390619 - 390669 are specialty servers and may have restricted functionality.Warning
69ARWARN [69] Creation of one of the SQL views for the form failed within the SQL database. Form is created successfully, but the SQL view is not in place.Warning
70ARWARN [70] The character menu referenced by one or more fields in this form does not exist.Warning
71ARWARN [71] Only the Administrator has access to this active link.Warning
72ARWARN [72] The query matched more than the maximum number of entries specified by the server.Warning
73ARWARN [73] A change to the Submitter mode setting does not take effect until AR System is shut down and restarted. It is a pending change until the next restart.Warning
74ARWARN [74] A duplicate index has been specified -- duplicate was omitted.Warning
75ARWARN [75] No floating write license tokens are available. Currently accessing the system in read-only mode. License will upgrade when one is available.Warning
77ARWARN [77] No free floating full text license tokens are available. Currently accessing the system without full text search capability. License will upgrade when one is available.Warning
79ARWARN [79] Request for unique setting on database index has been ignored for fields of this type.Warning
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