AR System Message Catalog

This wiki pages contains all the notes, warnings, and error messages in numerical order for the client, server, and mid tier components of AR System.

Type in the search form the number (eg. 10000) or full/partial text of message.

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Filtered by type=Warning & product=BMC Remedy Administrator client

Number MessageType
2571ARWARN [2571] The form, formName, appears to have dependant workflow that is part of a lock group. Deleting this form will trigger the deletion of one or more lock groups, would you like to proceed?Warning
2570ARWARN [2570] Deleting this object, objectName, will delete all objects in the same lock group. If there are any forms in this lock group, then those form definitions and all the associated data will be removed. Are you sure you want to continue?Warning
2569ARWARN [2569] Entry point guide does not have a starting active link. The guide will not be executed.Warning
2567ARWARN [2567] Exporting extension objects in XML is not supported. Selected extension objects will not be exported.Warning
2566ARWARN [2566] No field mappings have been defined.Warning
2565ARWARN [2565] No field mappings have been defined for Open and Close dialog states.Warning
2564ARWARN [2564] Some fields that are mapped will not be relevant for this form.Warning
2563ARWARN [2563] Field IDs from 711 to 718 are reserved for columns of Alert List. Please choose another Field ID for field -- fieldType.Warning
2562ARWARN [2562] Field ID 706 and 1020 are reserved for Alert and Results List respectively. Please choose another Field ID for field -- fieldType.Warning
2561ARWARN [2561] A global field has just been set to a regular field. The entry mode selection will be set to default.Warning
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