AR System Message Catalog

This wiki pages contains all the notes, warnings, and error messages in numerical order for the client, server, and mid tier components of AR System.

Type in the search form the number (eg. 10000) or full/partial text of message.

Select the AR Message from a list or use the search form.

Filtered by type='Warning' & product='AR System server'

65ARWARN [65] Multiple form links are not supported in new filter definition syntax. Only the first link is loaded.Warning
66ARWARN [66] The query matched more than the maximum number of entries specified for retrieval.Warning
67ARWARN [67] Not able to open the menu.Warning
670ARWARN [670] The full text search index on this field is being created but may take some time to finish. Default search is used for now.Warning
673ARWARN [673] The query compares two fields that involve full text indexed fields. The full text search capability does not support comparing two fields. The comparison will be made using the functionality of the database.Warning
68ARWARN [68] RPC environment variable is out of legal range (390600, 390603, 390619 - 390669, 390680 - 390694). NOTE: The value 390603 and the range 390619 - 390669 are specialty servers and may have restricted functionality.Warning
682ARWARN [682] Full text search service not available; a database search was performed.Warning
683ARWARN [683] Full text search is disabled because it is not configured properly; a database search will be performed.Warning
685ARWARN [685] FTS Plugin is not available -- will retry connection.Warning
686ARWARN [686] A re-indexing will be performed for each full text indexed field on the form at the specified time(s) in place of an update scan due to the absence of a last modified time field (field ID 6) on the form.Warning
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