AR System Message Catalog

This wiki pages contains all the notes, warnings, and error messages in numerical order for the client, server, and mid tier components of AR System.

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Number MessageType
2501ARWARN [2501] Other forms depend on form formName. If you delete this form, all other forms that depend on this form will be deleted. Do you want to continue?Warning
2503ARWARN [2503] The following fields were not pasted, because they are already in this view.Warning
2504ARWARN [2504] You are removing these data fields from their only view: fieldNames. These fields do not exist on any other views. All display information, including label text and location, will be lost. Do you want to continue?Warning
2505ARWARN [2505] No integer or selection fields exist to cross-reference against.Warning
2509ARWARN [2509] Confirm that you want to save the form; the following fields will be deleted: fieldNames.Warning
2527ARWARN [2527] The following restored fields are no longer in this view:Warning
2528ARWARN [2528] Multiple views may be affected by this operation. Do you want to continue?Warning
2531ARWARN [2531] Active link activeLinkName is already used by controlFieldName. Are you sure you want to move it to controlFieldName?Warning
2532ARWARN [2532] You are removing these trim or control (or both) fields from their only view: viewName. These fields will be deleted from the database. Do you want to continue?Warning
2533ARWARN [2533] A time-out occurred while copying form formName to formName. The operation most likely succeeded but the server is still busy.Warning
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