AR System Message Catalog

ARERR [1] Message not in catalog -- message number = messageNumber.

AR System server
Server messages and notifications

Text corresponding to that message number was not found.
The AR System server cannot find the message catalog file, which is on UNIX and is arcatalog_language.dll on Windows. The most common cause of this error is that the path to the message catalog file is not correctly defined.
To resolve this problem:

  • For UNIX, see 'Message catalogs in UNIX' on page 13, and follow the recommended steps to configure the NLSPATH.
  • On Windows, the message catalog .dll file is installed in the same directory as the AR System server. Make sure the ARSystemInstallDir is included in the PATH environment variable.

If you get the text for other message numbers but not the one causing this error, then the message catalog is accessible but does not include this error. In this case, check this document for the message number and information. If the message number is not in this document, contact Customer Support, and provide the message number and the circumstances that prompted the message.

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