Bootstrap3 Template


All files must be located in the template directory (lib/tpl/bootstrap3/) or your conf/ directory (upgrade-safe).

File Name Position of included HTML
meta.html Inside the HTML <head>, use this to add additional styles or metaheaders
topheader.html At the very top of the page right after the <body> tag
header.html Above the upper blue bar, below the pagename and wiki title
navbar.html DEPRECATED (see the note below) - Inside the navbar, use this to add additional links (e.g. <li><a href=“/foo”>Foo</a></li>)
pageheader.html Below the breadcrumbs, above the actual content
pagefooter.html Above the lower blue bar, below the last changed Date
footer.html At the very end of the page just before the </body> tag
sidebarheader.html On top of the sidebar
sidebarfooter.html On bottom of the sidebar
social.html Below the header.html, use this to add a social buttons (eg. Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
rightsidebarheader.html On top of the right sidebar
rightsidebarfooter.html On bottom of the right sidebar

NOTE for navbar.html

This c10c048 commit introduced a new navbar hook (:navbar). Please use this new hook, because the navbar.html is deprecated and will be removed in the future release of template.

If you want add only the Home-Page link, set the showHomePageLink.

More of this hooks is useful to create differents and personalized sections for every namespaces.

Page name Description Per namespaces
:sidebar The sidebar YES
:rightsidebar The right-sidebar YES
:navbar Navbar with sub-menus YES
:pageheader Header of the Wiki article YES
:pagefooter Footer of the Wiki article YES
:footer Footer of the page YES
:cookie:banner Cookie-Law banner NO
:cookie:policy Cookie-Law policy NO
:help Help page for “Help Page Icon” YES
:header Header of page below the navbar YES
:topheader Top Header of page (on top of navbar if fixedTopNavbar is off) YES

This hook is a standard DokuWiki page with the unordered-list of links (internal or external). The template replace the unordered-list with a menu bar with a dropdown-menu.

This is an example:

  * [[:start|Home]]
  * DokuWiki
    * [[:wiki:welcome]]
    * [[:wiki:syntax]]
    * [[:wiki:dokuwiki]]
  * [[:playground:playground]]
Its possible create different navbars for every namespaces with the same behavior of sidebar page.
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