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The template can be widely configured via the Configuration Manager or manually edit the <dokuwiki>/conf/local.php file, including a line like:

$conf['tpl']['bootstrap3']['fluidContainerBtn'] = '1';

(This adds a button to turn on / off fluid layout. See the fluidContainerBtn option below.)

Option Description Default Value
bootstrapTheme Bootstrap theme
(default Bootstrap theme, default+optional theme from Bootstrap, bootswatch or custom theme)
bootswatchTheme Theme from Bootswatch spacelab
customTheme URL of custom theme
showThemeSwitcher Show theme switcher in navbar for Bootswatch themes 0
hideInThemeSwitcher Hide themes in theme switcher
Option Description Default Value
sidebarPosition The sidebar position (left or right) left
rightSidebar The Right Sidebar page name rightsidebar
leftSidebarGrid Left and right sidebar grid classes col-{xs,sm,md,lg}-x (see Bootstrap Grids documentation) col-sm-3 col-md-2
rightSidebarGrid col-sm-3 col-md-2

The Right Sidebar is displayed only when the default DokuWiki sidebar is enabled and is on the left position (see the “sidebarPosition” configuration). If do you want only the DokuWiki sidebar on right position, set the “tpl > bootstrap3 > sidebarPosition” configuration with right value.

Option Description Default Value
inverseNavbar Inverse navbar 0
fixedTopNavbar Fix navbar to top 0
showTools Display Tools menu in Navbar always
showHomePageLink Display Home-Page link in navbar 0
showUserHomeLink Display User Home-Page link 1
hideLoginLink Hide the login link. This option is useful in “read-only” DokuWiki installations (eg. blog, personal website) 0
individualTools Split the Tools in individual menu in navbar 0
showIndividualTool Change the visibility of individual tool in navbar user,site,page
showSearchForm Display Search form in NavBar always
showAdminMenu Display Administration menu 0

Adds markup for enable basic support to semantic data. For full support use plugin:semantic plugin.

Option Description Default Value
semantic Enable semantic data 0
schemaOrgType type (Article, NewsArticle, TechArticle, BlogPosting) Article
Option Description Default Value
fluidContainer Enable the fluid container (full-width of page) 0
fluidContainerBtn Display a button in navbar to expand container 0
pageOnPanel Enable the panel around the page 1
tableFullWidth Enable 100% full table width (Bootstrap default) 1
tableStyle Table styles striped,condensed,responsive
showLandingPage Enable the landing page (without a sidebar and the panel around the page) 0
langingPages Landing pages (insert a regex) (intro)
showPageTools Enable the DokuWiki-style Page Tools always
tocCollapseSubSections Collapse all sub-sections in TOC to save space 1
Option Description Default Value
showDiscussion Display discussion link in tools menu 0
discussionPage Discussion page name (default is discussion:@[email protected], where @[email protected] placeholder replace the current page name), empty field disable the link discussion:@[email protected]
Option Description Default Value
showCookieLawBanner Enable the banner notice on footer 0
cookieLawBannerPage The name of DokuWiki page which contains a brief notice and two buttons for accept all cookies and read the full policy cookie:banner
cookieLawPolicy The name of DokuWiki page which contains a full policy cookie:policy

The Cookie Law Banner Notice add a cookie called cookieNoticeAccepted to use in your JavaScript/PHP code (eg. to add Google Analytics only when the user accept the policy).

JavaScript Snippet

  if (DokuCookie.getValue('cookieNoticeAccepted')) {
    // Your JS code

PHP Snippet

  if ( ! (get_doku_pref('cookieNoticeAccepted', null)
       || get_doku_pref('cookieNoticeAccepted', '')) ) {
    // Your PHP code
Option Description Default Value
browserTitle DokuWiki browser title (default is @[email protected] [@[email protected]], where @[email protected] placeholder replace the current page title and @[email protected] replace the DokuWiki name - see title config) @[email protected] [@[email protected]]
browserTitleShowNS Display the previous page name of current page on the browser title 0
browserTitleCharSepNS Character separator for every namespaces on browser title -
browserTitleOrderNS Set the order of namespaces normal
Option Description Default Value
showPageInfo Display the page info (author, etc…) 1
showTranslation Display/Hide Translation Plugin toolbar 0
showBadges Show badge buttons (DokuWiki, Donate, etc) 1
showLoginOnFooter Display a “little” login link on footer. This option is useful when hideLoginLink is on 0
useGravatar Load Gravatar image 0
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