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  • Tips for Success with Open Source Certification (2018/07/17 16:16)
    Tips for Success with Open Source Certification
  • Xen Project Hypervisor Power Management: Suspend-to-RAM on Arm Architectures (2018/07/17 15:36)
    Xen Project Hypervisor Power Management: Suspend-to-RAM on Arm Architectures
  • Tickets Make Operations Unnecessarily Miserable (2018/07/17 13:39)

    IT Operations has always been difficult. There is always too much work to do, not enough time to do it, and frequent interrupts. Moreover, there is the relentless pressure from executives who hold the view that everything takes too long, breaks too often, and costs too much.

  • Converting and Manipulating Image Files on the Linux Command Line (2018/07/17 12:16)

    Most of us probably know how wonderful a tool Gimp is for editing images, but have you ever thought about manipulating image files on the command line? If not, let me introduce you to the convert command. It easily coverts files from one image format to another and allows you to perform many other image manipulation tasks, as well — and in a lot less time than it would take to make these changes uses desktop tools.

    Let's look at some simple examples of how you can make it work for you.

  • Debian 9.5 Released: “Rock Solid” GNU/Linux Distro Arrives With Spectre v2 Fix (2018/07/17 11:19)

    Following the fourth point release of Debian 9 “stretch” in March, the developers of the popular GNU/Linux distro have shipped the latest update to its stable distribution. For those who don’t know, Debian 9 is an LTS version that’ll remain supported for 5 years.

  • How Open Source Became The Default Business Model For Software (2018/07/17 11:13)

    Since its inception in 1998, open source has become the de-facto standard for software development and proven itself as a viable business model. While making source code freely available for redistribution and modification may seem counterintuitive, the success of companies like Red Hat and Canonical are proof that an open source model can turn a profit.

  • Users, Groups and Other Linux Beasts: Part 2 (2018/07/16 16:08)
    Users, Groups and Other Linux Beasts: Part 2
  • How Developers Can Get Involved with Open Source Networking (2018/07/16 14:15)

    Linux Foundation open networking leader describes the challenges and advantages of working across communities.

    There have always been integration challenges with open source software, whether in pulling together Linux distributions or in mating program subsystems developed by geographically distributed communities. However, today we're seeing those challenges writ large with the rise of large ecosystems of projects in areas such as networking and cloud-native computing.

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