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  • How Open Source Is Accelerating NFV Transformation (2019/03/25 15:30)
    How Open Source Is Accelerating NFV Transformation
  • How to Monitor Disk IO in Linux (2019/03/25 10:14)
    How to Monitor Disk IO in Linux
  • Linux Desktop News: Zorin OS 15 Gets New Touch Interface, Android Sync And Native Flatpak Support (2019/03/25 10:02)

    One of the things I love about using Linux is how connected you feel to the community. That's especially true when the actual creator and CEO of a Linux desktop OS reaches out and personally invites you to give it test drive. And after reading what's in store for Zorin OS 15 (currently in beta), this one just climbed higher on my list of distributions to discover.

  • Future of the Firm (2019/03/25 09:07)

    The “future of the firm” is a big deal. As jobs become more automated, and people more often work in teams, with work increasingly done on a contingent and contract basis, you have to ask: “What does a firm really do?” Yes, successful businesses are increasingly digital and technologically astute. But how do they attract and manage people in a world where two billion people work part-time? How do they develop their workforce when automation is advancing at light speed? And how do they attract customers and full-time employees when competition is high and trust is at an all-time low?

  • How to Install OpenLDAP on Ubuntu Server 18.04 (2019/03/22 15:07)
    How to Install OpenLDAP on Ubuntu Server 18.04
  • Managing Changes in Open Source Projects (2019/03/22 13:50)

    Why bother having a process for proposing changes to your open source project? Why not just let people do what they're doing and merge the features when they're ready? Well, you can certainly do that if you're the only person on the project. Or maybe if it's just you and a few friends.

  • CI/CD Gets Governance and Standardization (2019/03/22 10:22)

    Kubernetes, microservices and the advent of cloud native deployments have created a Renaissance-era in computing. As developers write and deploy code as part of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) production processes, an explosion of tools has emerged for CI/CD processes, often targeted for cloud native deployments.

  • A Musical Tour of Hints and Tools for Debugging Host Networks (2019/03/22 09:27)

    Shannon Nelson from the Oracle Linux Kernel Development team offers these tips and tricks to help make host network diagnostics easier. He also includes a recommended playlist for accompanying your debugging!

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