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  • This Week in Open Source News: The Linux Foundation Joins IBM In Pledging to Help Combat Natural Disasters (2018/05/25 17:06)
    This Week in Open Source News: The Linux Foundation Joins IBM In Pledging to Help Combat Natural Disasters
  • Elive Brings Enlightenment to the Linux Desktop (2018/05/25 16:04)
    Elive Brings Enlightenment to the Linux Desktop
  • 11 Best Programming Fonts (2018/05/25 14:56)

    There are many posts and sites comparing fonts for programming and they are all amazing articles. So why I repeated the same subject here? Since I always found myself lost in dozens of fonts and could not finger out which one was best for me. So today I tried many fonts and picked up the following fonts for you. These fonts are pretty popular and easy to get. And most importantly, all these fonts are FREE!

    I ranked the fonts with the following metrics:

  • Compliance is Not Synonymous With Security (2018/05/25 13:47)

    Along with the clear benefits to be gained from upholding the standards enforced by GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other regulatory bodies often comes a shift toward a more compliance-centric security approach. But regardless of industry or regulatory body, achieving and maintaining compliance should never be the end goal of any security program. Here’s why:

    Compliance does not guarantee security

  • Dialing Up Security for Docker Containers (2018/05/25 12:38)

    Container systems like Docker are a powerful tool for system administrators, but Docker poses some security issues you won't face with a conventional virtual machine (VM) environment. For example, containers have direct access to directories such as /proc/dev, or /sys, which increases the risk of intrusion. This article offers some tips on how you can enhance the security of your Docker environment.

  • Parrot 4.0 Ethical Hacking Linux Distro Released (2018/05/25 11:55)

    Popular hacking Linux distro Parrot Security has upgraded to version 4.0, and comes with all the fixes and updated packages along with many new changes.

    “This release includes all the updated packages and bug fixes released since the last version (3.11), and it marks the end of the development and testing process of many new features experimented in the previous releases since Parrot 3.9,” reads the company’s announcement.

  • How CERN Is Using Linux and Open Source (2018/05/24 16:03)
    How CERN Is Using Linux and Open Source
  • How to Measure the Impact of your Open Source Project (2018/05/24 14:32)

    Conventional metrics of open source projects lack the power to predict their impact. The bad news is, there is no significant correlation between open source activity metrics and project impact. The good news? There are paths forward.

    Let's start with some questions: How do you measure the impact of your open source project? What value does your project provide to other projects? How is your project important within an open source ecosystem? Can you predict your project's impact using open source metrics that you can follow day to day?

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