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  • Bash Shell Utility Reaches 5.0 Milestone (2019/01/16 19:34)
    Bash Shell Utility Reaches 5.0 Milestone
  • Faucet: An Open Source SDN Controller for High-Speed Production Networks (2019/01/16 12:24)

    Open standards such as OpenFlow and P4 promised to improve the landscape by opening access to these devices via a programmable API, but they still require someone to write a controller to re-implement normal switch functionality, such as forwarding and routing, in a multi-vendor, standards-compliant way. This led our group to write the Faucet software-defined network (SDN) controller, which allows anyone to fully realize the dream of programmable networks.

  • Ansible vs. Puppet: Declarative DevOps Tools Square Off (2019/01/16 11:12)

    DevOps aims to drive collaboration between development and operations teams, but software quality drives DevOps adoption more than any other factor. As this comparison of Ansible vs. Puppet shows, software quality dramatically influences DevOps tools.

    Software quality tends to be an organizational goal or a staff function, not the dominion of a dedicated group with broad responsibility to implement its decisions. Effective software quality efforts involve everyone from development to production users to ensure real value.

  • An Introduction to the Machine Learning Platform as a Service (2019/01/16 11:09)

    Machine-Learning-Platform-as-a-Service (ML PaaS) is one of the fastest growing services in the public cloud. It delivers efficient lifecycle management of machine learning models.

    At a high level, there are three phases involved in training and deploying a machine learning model. These phases remain the same from classic ML models to advanced models built using sophisticated neural network architecture.

  • Linux Tools: The Meaning of Dot (2019/01/15 18:25)
    Linux Tools: The Meaning of Dot
  • How to Use Netcat to Quickly Transfer Files Between Linux Computers (2019/01/15 11:35)
    How to Use Netcat to Quickly Transfer Files Between Linux Computers
  • How Enterprise IT Pros Can Contribute to Open Source Projects (2019/01/15 11:28)

    Undoubtedly, your company uses open source software. But the powers that be might express reluctance when developers want to create or maintain projects on company time. Here is a roadmap to help you convince them otherwise—starting with an internal open source project office.

    Open source innovation has a methodology all its own, and it doesn’t follow traditional business processes. The big difference is that open source development is collaborative rather than competitive. This attitude may come naturally to IT people, but not to managers and rarely to people in the C-suite....

  • Dell Opens Up About Its Linux Efforts And Project Sputnik (2019/01/15 10:03)

    Dell's Barton George has been on a crusade to change how Linux is perceived by both consumers and developers. Six years ago Dell granted George and his team a $40K innovation fund and some freedom to launch a Linux-powered laptop aimed at developers, that would be developed in the open with feedback from the community.

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