Slackware-current ChangeLog (2020-11-23)

Mon Nov 23 21:29:14 UTC 2020

As an article I was reading recently says, the golden age of SCIM is over, so
we added fcitx and ibus input methods to vtown - thanks to Heinz Wiesinger!
If you're using vtown, the scim-* packages can be removed.
Qt5 was upgraded to version 5.15.2 which required a few patches where the API
for QPrinter/QPageLayout has changed. Just to make sure, all of Plasma 5 was
recompiled against it.
Added a couple more vtown deps - SDL2 (using the new input methods), and
upower. The new upower won't work with the Xfce in the main tree, but I suspect
most vtown testers aren't using Xfce anyway. And we will take care of that
situation pretty soon. Enjoy! :-)
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