Slackwarearm-current ChangeLog (2020-02-12)

Wed Feb 12 08:08:08 UTC 2020


Slackware ARM now has Kerberos integrated, and everything seems in good
order here.

I have teamed up with Phil (the maintainer of the SARPi project -
Slackware ARM support for the Raspberry Pi) and are hosting a podcast:

This adds another dimension to the project, providing some more flavour,
exposure and insights and a little history into the development of the
Slackware/ARM Operating System.

Let us know what you think, and if you have any topic ideas or questions,
you can use the thread on the LQ forum:

Also, with the integration of PAM and the other pending updates in Slackware,
this is going to be a large investment of time. Whilst this is an
Open Source/free project, if you are a regular user of the project please
consider a monthly recognition of this effort:


The mini root filesystem has been updated:
  • ap/man-pages-5.05-noarch-2.txz
    Clean up /usr/man directory moving miscellaneous documentation to
    /usr/doc/man-pages-5.05. Thanks to Xsane.
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