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ARERR [93] Timeout during data retrieval due to busy server -- retry the operation.

AR System server
Server messages and notifications

A time-out occurred during a retrieval operation because the server or database was busy performing other operations. Causes include low system resources, such as CPU time, or server resources, such as thread congestion.
To troubleshoot this error, first determine whether the time-out error is isolated to an operation (for example, saving a form), a user, or a group of users or is reported systemwide. If the error is isolated to an operation, a user, or a group of users, use client-side logging, including ARAPILOGGING, along with server API and SQL logging to capture the API call associated with error 93. The failed API call is marked in the log with a FAIL status. For example, this entry is for an ARGetServerInfo call with a time-out error:
*/+GSI ARGetServerInfo – as user . . .
*/-GSI FAIL – RPC Client has timed out
For more information about logging, see the Optimizing and Troubleshooting Guide.
When contacting Customer Support for assistance, provide at least the following information:

  • The server API and SQL logs that capture the time when ARERR 93 occurred.
  • If the error is isolated to an operation or user, provide the client workflow logging with API, database, filter, active link, and macro output captured.
  • A copy of the server ar.conf or ar.cfg file.
  • AR System server environment information:

The server operating system and version
The database type and version
The AR System server version and patch level

  • A list of other applications that might share server resources with the AR System server or the database.

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